rq_0001 REPORTS MTBF for electronics equipments and cards

With the increasing and continuous development of technology, especially electronic ones, and with higher expectations by the end users, the equipment manufacturers have to face more frequently the reliability matters. More and more often, even at the regulatory level, the MTTF and MTTR values ​​are required. The term "reliability" commonly indicates both the survival characteristic of a component or a system that the discipline that describes in mathematical terms. The reliability techniques should be applied in the design phase, allowing to detect, with good approximation in addition to any possible problems, the average lifetime of the final product. An expert company in the field of predictive reliability, provides you with the know-how gained in over 20 years of work and research in this specific field.

Generally for the "prediction MTBF" it prompted as per HDBK-MIL217F standard (N1 / 2); usually it is suggested to use the simplest calculation mode, the "Part Count", which presupposes on the part of the customer count of the number of components for each type of component (eg .: ceramic capacitors), using the BOM (Bill of Materials).

The MTBF calculation leads to the conclusion that the expected life is always very tied to the operating temperature. At high temperatures the expected life is significantly reduced. We observe that the MTBF value is directly correlated to the expected life.

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------------------ Acronyms -------------------

MTBF = Mean Time Before Failure

MTTF = Mean Time To Failure

MTTR = Mean Time To repair

MTTFd - Mean Time To dangerous Failures

MCBF = Mean Cycles Before Failure = MTBF x cycles per hour

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